Hector in Atlanta

February 21, 2022
Team news

Hector works for DnA Industry Solutions and finds himself currently in Atlanta, working on an exciting local project with the Digital Capability Center Atlanta – a learning factory helping manufacturers gain insights into Industry 4.0 technologies. The metropolitan area of Atlanta has a population of close to five million people, and the surrounding skyscrapers and seemingly endless highways provide an interesting contrast to Aachen, Germany where Hector is usually based. Hector started supporting the Digital Capability Center Atlanta in August 2021 with the objective to implement several of digital solutions in their factory. As much as we love seeing Hector in person, it’s great to see how our team members are able to work flexibly across the globe and have the freedom to pursue their projects independently.

Hector’s current project revolves around the digitalization and modernization of the factory operations at the Capability Center Atlanta, specifically its compressor production line and warehouse areas. What Hector loves about this challenging project is, that although the factory is primarily a learning environment, it faces the same issues as any manufacturing site when it comes to digitalization. The aim of the project is to transform the IT/OT infrastructure at the site, eliminate information silos and create the foundation for an integrated and interconnected information system, enhancing transparency and availability of information. Hector’s role as tech project manager on-site includes analyzing current use cases and sending the data to our colleagues Alex and Jeremy from the United Manufacturing Hub (UMH), who implemented their open-source Industrial IoT platform as a central data foundation.

The Digital Capability Center Atlanta is located slightly to the west of Atlanta downtown. As Hector lives close to the office, he can cycle to work every day. His workday typically starts between 8 and 9, and once a week he meets up with the team from DnA and UMH for problem-solving sessions. The time difference between Atlanta and Central Europe requires some coordination for common meetings, Hector emphasizes the importance of frequent communication and brainstorming sessions to make projects work that involve team members in multiple different locations.

Hector works in a team of 8 people, with an additional 20 or so experts participating in different parts of the project when necessary. He enjoys the work environment in Atlanta, with its quick work pace and plenty of opportunities to get stuck in. Hector’s steep learning curve during this project has enabled him to develop personally and professionally which has made this project feel fulfilling.

An aspect of working life that Hector enjoys is the highly diverse and multicultural environment at the Digital Capability Center Atlanta, which provides for opportunities to learn about other cultures and their working style and their importance in a balanced workplace.

Working in Atlanta has been an exciting opportunity for Hector, and he has learned a lot about international projects as well as different working cultures and the new work environment. Multiculturality has been an aspect that he has specifically enjoyed. A key takeaway of the project for Hector has been to realize is that manufacturers across the globe face similar challenges when it comes to the implementation of digital factory solutions, from piloting to scaling and maintenance. He looks forward to his remaining time in Atlanta and is excited to see what his next adventure will be.